Bio Lab Road Closure Update

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Yesterday afternoon I made a run over to the Bio Lab small boat launch to check out the area for a possible launch site for my Maverick.

When I got there, I immediately noticed that things had changed.

The slough where I used to launch my Ghenoe was blocked off making the only launch area directly in front of the road's entrance.

A new kiosk was installed with rules, regulations, and a place to pay for and pick up the daily launch fee.

The water in the Mosquito Lagoon was much cleaner than I anticipated.  You could easily pick out the potholes in the shallows adjacent to the deeper channel so after taking a few pics of the area, I decided to lob a few casts around the area.

I picked up two under size spotted sea trout on a DOA CAL bait before moving off to check out some other areas.

On the way out, a couple of KSC Police SUVs, an unmarked police vehicle, and a couple of wardens pulled out of the entrance to Bio Lab road with at least three other vehicles in tow.

Apparently, they had gone down the clearly marked closed  road to fish, crab, sight see, or whatever and were being ushered out of the area. 

When I stopped a fish and game officer to ask him about the activities and the road closure, he advised me that although they were working on repairing the road, but he could not tell me when the work would be completed or if the road would even be reopened.

He told me that the hurricane did a lot of damage to all of the dike roads and because of funding problems, it would take some time for all the repairs to be completed.

They are serious about the road closures and will apparently be spending their time and resources stopping people from littering and entering the areas.

Could be a blessing in disguise, I'm sick of seeing slobs leaving their empty soda and beer cans, McDonald fast food bags, etc. on the banks.

As I indicated in my previous posts, I am going to be spending much more time in my Maverick, Ghenoe, or kayak this summer.

Till next time, Tight Lines.