Bio Lab Road Is Now Open To Vehicle Traffic

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Karen and I took Elmo and Odie for a quick spin around Bio Lab Road this afternoon.

We were looking for a good spot to launch our Kayaks on the Mosquito Lagoon, and as we drove into the launch area at Bio Lab Road, we were pleased to see that the road was now open to vehicle traffic.

Bio Lab road is now ONE WAY ONLY from the entrance at the boat launch to Playalinda Beach, but even though there were signs posted; we still came upon one idiot who insisted on driving in the other direction..

The last time I spoke with the Refuge Manager, Layne Hamilton, I was told that both Bio Lab road and Peacocks Pocket road could be permanently closed to vehicle traffic due to funding problems, however we both hoped that because of the extensive shoreline access, Bio Lab would open some time in the future.

I'm glad to report that they have done a great job at opening up the shoreline to bank fishing, wading and shallow water boating.  In addition, they have opened up a few spots for parking and easy access to launching a kayak or wading.

The water in the flats this afternoon was crystal clear, and I spotted several nice pods of mullet within easy casting range of the road.

I tossed a Chug Bug to some trout that I spotted busting on the surface, and had one decent hit that I missed because of an early strike.  But, the ride this afternoon was mainly for the "boys", not for fishing.

Karen and I ran the road to Playalinda Beach and saw several fly fishermen tossing flies around the ditches on both sides of the road for snook or sea trout, but I didn't stick around to see if they were catching anything.

We drove all the way past lot #13 to the turn around, and then into Eddy Creek, which is another great spot to launch our kayaks.

The improved access to shoreline fishing and the crystal clear water in the southern Mosquito Lagoon along Bio Lab road will probably attract a gaggle of visitors to the area.

I just hope the public doesn't screw up access to this great area by littering, etc. like they did to Haulover Canal, Shiloh Road, etc.

Only time will tell.

Tight Lines and bent rods to you all.