Sunday, November 27, 2016

Haulover Canal in December is a great place to fish for huge black drum and bull redfish.

My wife and I decided to take Elmo and Odie for a quick trip around Catfish Creek loop to see if any bank fishermen were catching black drum yet.

The drum start hitting good during the winter, with November and December being the best months.

Karen and I were surprised that only one group of fishermen were on the bank and they had not caught anything when we drove by and asked them about the fishing.

We left Catfish Creek Loop and drove over to Haulover Canal to see if the fishing was any better.

There were a lot of trailers parked in Bairs Cove and the banks were lined with fishermen, mostly dunking cut baits and shrimp.

I saw a couple of bank fishermen with drum and pinfish, and one guy with a nice redfish.

There was a guy anchored off of the bank apparently fishing for mangrove snapper but we didn'
t stick around long enough to see how he was doing.

We drove to the south side of the canal where I got out to take a few pics of the area which I consolidated into the video above.

The guy who was fishing at the drawbridge was fishing with cut mullet but hadn't been there long.

He told me that the bank fishermen were catching drum, redfish, sea trout, flounder, and snapper.

I wished him good luck fishing and we left the area to head for the house.

Although it was late in the afternoon when we visited Haulover on Saturday, there were still a ton of fishing boats anchored at the both entrances to the canal.

Fishing Haulover Canal in December is always good for black drum and reds especially if you have a boat with a good quality fish finder.

Till next time,
Tight Lines.