New Kayaks

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Because of the road closures in the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and the potential of them not reopening anytime in the near future, I finally broke down and purchased a couple of new Kayaks when I was in Mobile, Al.

I've been looking around for quite a while and after talking to Layne L. Hamilton, the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge manager, I realized that it was time to "bite the bullet" and pick one up.

There were a couple of good deals at Bass Pro in Mobile, Al. but when I spotted the ones below at Field and Stream that were on closeout at an especially low price, I finally broke down and pulled out my Amex card. 

It was my birthday present to myself, and since they were so cheap, I decided to buy one for my wife who has her birthday next month.

There were two of them against the wall next to some more expensive models that I was watching, and when one of them was sold I quickly made my decision.

By luck, they had a second one in plastic which I put my name on and asked them to hold them both until I was leaving for Titusville.

When I got back to the apartment, I realized that I couldn't fit them both in the back of my Silverado pickup with the tool box in the back.

I dug around online and finally found a kayak carrier on sale on Amazon that would be able to accommodate both kayaks.   It slipped into the trailer hitch and adjusted to height and width so I ordered it with the hopes that it would be delivered before I headed for home.

I got the kayak carrier as promised, and with the help of the people at Field and Stream, loaded them onto my pickup.

The carrier is something I recommend to anybody who has a kayak or long canoe;  it worked like a charm.

Now I need to pick up some paddles, an anchor, and some water tight boxes and I'll be ready to hit the really shallow areas where my Maverick flats boat can't get into.

Hopefully, if the weather permits and I get all the work done around the house that I need to, I'll get out and talk about my first venture.

Till then, Tight Lines.